The Puppy Bundle

Just brought home a new pup? It can be overwhelming when you first start to acclimate to your new family member - just as it's hard for your pup to get used to his or her new home!

Make it cozier for your new addition AND keep your house clean with the puppy bundle from Soggy Doggy! Our favorite products for new pups are the:

  1. Small Crate Mate
  2. Small Doormat 
  3. Super Shammy

Read on to see why!

The Small Crate Mate

Two dogs on their Crate Mates.
The small crate mate is perfect for those crate training days. Not only will it keep your puppy warm and cozy, but this crate pad is durable (chewers, beware!) and washable for initial puppy pees. In our experience, one or two pees on the crate mate are enough to teach your pup to take his business outside.
Bonus: Crate Mates can be used on furniture for on-the-go snoozing without the mess.

The (Small) Doormat

A puppy lounging on a doormat
The Soggy Doggy Doormat is where we got our start. It's our favorite product for pups of all sizes!
The small doormat is a great starter product for your growing four legged friend. And if she won't be small for long, don't worry - these small doormats function perfectly as doggy placements (the Slopmat)!
Clyde and his Slopmat.

The Super Shammy

Clyde and his Super Shammy
Puppy or not, the Super Shammy is a must-have for dog owners. The super absorbent towel can dry up the wettest, muddiest pups and keep your floors clean!
Shea in her Super Shammy.

 Bonus: in our experience, some #SoggyDoggys like to wear these as hats. We don't make the rules, but we do follow 'em.

Mr. Grumbles with his Super Shammy.