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Dear Soggy Doggy people

I recently purchased the Soggy Doggy Doormat for our 3 year old cocker. I was really impressed with how well it worked, but that however is not entirely why I am writing you. I sure am pleased that it works as well and even better than described, but I don't tend to write companies just because their products works as promised :-) However, the Soggy Doggy Doormat have solved a very big and annoying problem for me on top of it being really, really great for wet paws.
I have now for 3 years tried to find a bed/mattress/blanket for my dog to sleep on. We have tried everything, but nothing seems to be good enough for our little pooch. He tries them, he rejects them and keeps lying on the floor. I so much want my dog to be comfortable, but had actually given up finding something he enjoys. But then came your doormat. We bought it to solve the wet paws on light wood floors issue, but the second we placed it, he jumped on it, rolled around and took ownership! I have now ordered 3 more, so we can have one for each entry, and he can have one in his nook in the mudroom where he is when we are at work and one in our bedroom.

So thank you so much for creating a product that solves not just one of our problems, but two. And for doing so at a reasonable price ;-)

I have included two pictures of Max on his Soggy Doggy Doormat for your website if you wish to use one of them.

Best regards

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